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Leaving Quality Comments to Help Your Blog

Blog comments are key to being visible and forming relationships in the blogosphere. As a blogger, you should not remain silent. Write posts on your own blog, and seek out others to comment on. There are a number of reasons why you should leave comments on other people's blogs.

Community. Your blog does not occur in a vacuum. There are millions of bloggers out there, many of which have blogs on the same topic as yours. Get out there and introduce yourself, to build up a sense of blogging community. Say hello to your neighbors, so they will recognize you. You may even get some requests for guest posts or link exchanges.

Introducing new people to your blog. When you leave a blog comment, you're not just introducing yourself to one new blogger. You're leaving your blog's link for anyone to see. This backlink usually shows up in the form of a link on your username. So if you leave a quality comment, all the other people reading that post will be more likely to click on your link and visit your blog. It's a small way of building up traffic.

Pagerank. If the blog you're commenting on is a dofollow blog (What are nofollow and dofollow?), your comment will create a dofollow backlink that will contribute to your site's pagerank (Why is PageRank important?).

Friendliness! Bloggers are people too, usually quite personable people. Be nice to them, and perhaps you'll find a friend. Build relationships with other bloggers, not just for the benefit of your blog, but because it's a fun thing to do.

Leaving blog comments is beneficial to both bloggers. People love to receive comments on their posts, and leaving them will help your own blog. There are even groups that support people striving to up their commenting, such as the monthly comment challenges. Many blogs also display their monthly top commenters with (dofollow!) links to their blogs.

Be visible in the blogosphere, and leave quality blog comments to get your name out there and show other bloggers some love. Just make sure that the comments you leave show some thought: no one likes spam comments, or comments that just say "hey great post".


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