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Planting Money Seeds to generate Passive Income

No one will get rich quick making money online. Blogging is just not the key to quick easy cash. The thing is, having your own website or blog can generate something much more powerful over time than some quick money. The power of blogging lies in its ability to generate passive income.

Passive income is a great kind of income to have. As some people say, it's "making money while you sleep". Rather than being paid by the hour, you are being paid all the time for things you have already done, with little or no effort. The key to generate passive income is to plant "money seeds".

With some effort up front, you can create passive income streams that will continue for years. Even after you've moved on to a new project, these seeds that you have planted will continue to grow and bring in money. Even if it's just a small amount of money, these passive income streams will add up.

After the initial setup of your passive streams of income, there is little you have to do to keep them going. That's the beauty of the passive income. And, since you set up many small streams of passive income, if one for some reason stops generating money, you have many others to fall back on. You can continually add new programs to generate your passive income - continue to plant seeds, and you will continue to reap money.

This blog, Money Seeds, is a record of my attempt to generate multiple streams of passive income. I don't expect to get rich quick, or even get rich at all, what have I got to lose? Everything I join will be free or low-cost, and I will tell you what works and what doesn't. What is successful for me may not be successful for you, and vice versa, but I hope I can help others earn their own passive income.

I will write about the programs I am a part of, the money I make, as well as general informational articles for finding good passive income streams and improving your personal website or blog to earn passive income. I welcome your comments, thoughts, experiences, and if you are interested in writing a guest post please contact me.

Good luck in generating your own passive income! It takes time, patience, and perseverance - this is not the way to get rich quick. But in the end, perhaps it will be worth it.


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