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How soon will your blog get search engine traffic?

Websites can get a large portion of their traffic from search engines, so it's always a waiting game wondering how soon a new site will start appearing in search results. You can submit your site to the search engines, give them site maps, and ping them, but how soon will people be able to search for you?

On July 7, my book review blog This Girl's Bookshelf got its first search engine hit. The search was for Bookmooch, which I had written an article about on July 6. The blog itself is a little less than a month old.

I'm very new at trying to write search engine optimized articles, but it's encouraging that my brand new article on my brand new blog is coming up in the Google results. This Girl's Bookshelf almost certainly has a pagerank of 0 at this point, but it is showing up in Google Search.

My websites are not very strong in search engines yet. My oldest and largest blog, Joyarna Knitblog, has a PageRank of 2 but search engine traffic only accounts for about 2% of my total traffic. Most of the terms that I get search traffic from on that blog are very specific knitting phrases. I do not try to write SEO-optimized articles on my knitting blog. Instead, I just write how I would normally write.

I discovered that I got my first search engine hit by using Google Analytics, which is a powerful and important tool for anyone running a website.

I was very happy that I didn't have to wait long for my first search engine hit on my blog. Older sites do tend to do better on Google, but new sites can indeed show up in results.


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