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No way to export newsletter opt-ins? Really, Paypal?

Paypal has a nice feature that allows you to put a little tickbox onto your checkout page, asking whether a buyer would like to receive promotional emails.

Paypal how do I let customers sign up for my newsletter on checkout ecommerce
(In case you're wondering, this option is hidden under 'Profile' - 'More Options' - 'My Selling Tools' - 'Custom Payment Pages' - and finally 'Options')

Free newsletter signups? Great! I love being able to keep in touch with my previous buyers. I enabled this feature, months and months ago, and promptly forgot about it. After all, I wasn't being notified that these people were opting in to my list...

While working on my newsletter today, I remember having set this up. 'Well,' thought I, 'I could have hundreds of new members to my newsletter! I must dash to Paypal and export this data immediately.'

I went to Paypal. I looked around. I Googled. No luck - I could not find my email list anywhere. Paypal was so kind to collect these emails for me - where oh where could they be??

The answer was hiding right under my nose, but oh how I wish I could report different news.
In short: There is no list.
There is only a notification on each individual transaction details page.
How to check if a buyer has subscribed to promotional emails on Paypal

That's right, Paypal lets us collect these emails, but doesn't let us export them. Instead, I went through six months' worth of transactions, checking them one by one to see if they opted in. If they have opted in, there is an extra line on the Details page that says 'Promotional emails: Subscribed' with the buyer's email address.

This line is in a larger font than the other details. It was the least Paypal could do, I guess.

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