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Traffic from PostZoom

A few weeks ago I signed my main blog up to PostZoom. It's a website meant to be a directory of categorized blog posts, bringing quality posts to visitors and some extra traffic to bloggers. So, does it work? Let's see...

PostZoom Post Zoom Zoompost blog traffic directory

There are two things you need to do in order to start getting traffic from PostZoom. First, you have to have the widget on your blog. This widget can go anywhere - I put mine in the sidebar. The widget shows other blog posts from categories that you get to choose, and you can display as few or as many of these as you like. I like that you can choose the categories, so the only posts that show up in my widget are ones that are relevant to my readers.

Next, you load your blog posts into PostZoom. This takes some time, because you can only load two posts in per day to prevent spamming (which makes sense). Load some of your most interesting and informative posts into PostZoom, making sure to place them in a relevant category with a snappy image and good tags.

PostZoom will not give you a huge upsurge in traffic, but it will give you a little bit. As a not-very-active Entrecarder, I get about the same amount of traffic from PostZoom and Entrecard. The more posts you load into PostZoom, and the more popular those posts are, the more traffic you will be able to get from it. Unfortunately, you are likely never to make the main front page of PostZoom, because those posts are sorted by traffic. So the ones on the main page get clicked on more, bringing up their traffic, and leading into a vicious circle. But, you may find yourself at the top of your category, which will give you a little bit more traffic.

I don't trust PostZoom's internal statistics - if you click on the stats section of their website, they will give you some high number that will not match at all to your other analytics programs. I think those statistics are for the individual post pages on PostZoom, not your site. However, if you use an independent analytics program like Google Analytics or Sitemeter, you will be able to see PostZoom as a referrer and track how much traffic you are getting from them. It won't be a huge amount, but if your traffic is low to begin with, then it will make a difference.

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