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Entrecard and Project Wonderful: Hidden Gems

As you're dropping Entrecards, you may notice that a lot of blogs feature Project Wonderful advertising. Project Wonderful is a pretty neat service, because it allows advertisers to compete for ad space in an 'infinite auction'. It's win-win for advertisers and publishers, because the publishers get a fair price for their ad space, and advertisers can get some good deals. If an ad space is in demand, the price rises. If it isn't in demand, the price falls, and advertisers can even get ad space for free.

When I spot free ad space on blogs, I tend to submit my ad, because why not? Extra exposure is always good. Project Wonderful shows you traffic stats, sortable by geographical region, to help you determine how much you want to bid. And herein lies the great combination of Project Wonderful and Entrecard advertising.

Inside Entrecard, blogs are sorted by how popular they are IN ENTRECARD. There are blogs with Entrecard widgets, that get a lot of traffic. But on Entrecard, they are low in the listings, because not many people drop on them. Entrecard statistics are totally irrelevant outside of the Entrecard community. But, Entrecard allows you to advertise on websites without any monetary cost.

So, the trick is this: As you're dropping, look for the low-EC-cost blogs. Check their traffic via Project Wonderful, if they have PW ads. You could score some fantastic deals, if a blog is not active on Entrecard, but gets good traffic! When you find these 'hidden gems' on Entrecard, add them to your favorites and then you can keep advertising on them, for a low EC price (which also means free, since ECs aren't money).

The reverse is also true: there are high-ranked EC blogs which get virtually no traffic outside of Entrecard and Adgitize. Don't waste your credits on advertising there, because it won't be worth much.

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